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Shopsmith Mark 7 Power pro complete machine

The Latest Shopsmith Mark 7

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PowerPro Model with Pro-Fence Table System with premium casters

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Shopsmith Mark 7

      An Introduction To Multi-Purpose Tool Woodworking

 An American Classic since 1953

This model for the UK will come with the Premium casters as standard    

      The predecessor of today's revolutionary Shopsmith Mark 7 (the legendary 5-tools-in-1 Shopsmith Mark V) was the world's original multi-purpose  woodworking machine. Since its introduction in 1953, a series of important improvements have been made to the Mark V, including:    

  • An upgrade from a 3/4 hp Motor to a 1-1/8 hp motor, providing added power
  • An upgrade from a single bearing quill to a 2-bearing quill reducing run-out & wobble
  • The introduction of new, larger table systems for added workpiece support & operator convenience
  • Larger, easier-to-operate rip fences with built-in fixturing accommodations
  • A new removable safety switch
  • & ...and many other smaller improvements for added safety         & working convenience

     Over 600,000 Mark V's have been sold world-wide since 1953... and today,     most of them are still serving their owners, just as they did when they     were new.     

Today's Mark 7 represents the Ultimate Shopsmith Upgrade, supported by the amazing new PowerPro Headstock and including two more of the most needed woodworking tools in a single, compact package    

     With Shopsmith's latest Mark 7 machine, you get a 10 Table Saw - 34 Lathe - 12 Disc Sander - 16-1/2 Vertical Drill Press Over/Under-Table Router Over/Under Table Shaper and Horizontal Boring Machine in an amazingly  small two-foot by six-foot space. Just tuck it snugly away in a corner of the garage or basement until it's needed then pull it out to go to     work.    

     And, if you don't need the added advantages provided by the PowerPro Headstock... or the included capabilities of an over/under table shaper and router, we still offer two tried-and-true Mark V versions that include all five of the other tool capabilities listed above.     

Easy to use - switches from tool-to-tool in 98 seconds or less

     And remember too that you don't have to be an experienced woodworker to produce top-notch results with ANY version of the Shopsmith Multi-Purpose Woodworking System. Thanks to their multi-purpose design, you need only learn a single set of controls to operate all the basic functions of the Mark V or Mark 7... and switching from tool-to-tool is     practically instantaneous.

A Feature-By-Feature Comparison of the Two Table Systems     Available for Shopsmith's Multi-Purpose Machines   

Shopsmith Mark 7 with PowerPro Headstock       Mark 7 PowerPro    

Shopsmith Mark V Pro Fence Model 520       Mark V Model 520    

Shopsmith Mark V Model 510       Mark V Model 510    

FeaturesMark 7 & Model 520Mark V Model 510
Main Worktable         17-1/2" w X 22" d - two miter gauge t-slots that accept         t-nut-mounted fixtures      
Extension Tables         One 22" X 7-3/8" rigid-mount extension table - plus --          two 22" X 7-3/8" floating tables       
Maximum Support Surface Size         End-to-end with one rigid-mount extension table - 62" w X 22" d          End-to-end with one Rigid and one floating extension table - 102" w X         22" d      
Maximum Ripping Capacity         98"      
Telescoping Support Legs         Two twist-lock support legs with pivoting connectors & rubber feet      
Extension Table Connector Tubes         Four 27" long tubes included      
Worktable & Extension Table Rails Rigid extruded aluminum with quick-locking knobs Tubular steel with locking thumbwheels
Table Tilt Mechanism & Carriage         Dual (front & rear) table tilt locks with quarter-turn carriage lock         & table raising wheel      
Rip Fence         24-1/2" long x 2-1/2" high x 2-1/2" thick,         Two quick-acting locking levers, Two top         t-slots & one t-slot on each fence face               24-1/2" long X 2-1/2" high X 1-3/8" thick,         One locking handle & one quick-acting         lever, One top t-slot      
Direct-Reading Rip Fence Scales Yes No
Miter Gauge Bar with T-Slot Washers Yes
Disc Sanding Through Table Insert Yes
See-Thru Upper Saw Guard with Riving Knife Yes
Lower Saw Guard with Sanding Disc Dust Collection Yes
Lathe Tool Rest         Dual position with anti-rotation rest post & lever-style         adjustment handles

A Full Complement Of Standard Accessories To Help You Get
Started On The Road To Woodworking Success !

Standard Accessories

Shopsmith Mark 7 Standard Accessories

  1. Upper & Lower saw Guards - Includes built-in dust collection port & see-through upper guard with riving knife. Dual, cam-style pawls prevent kick-backs
  2. 10" All-Purpose Saw Blade - Premium quality, 50-tooth carbide-tipped blade for ripping & crosscutting
  3. Sawblade Arbor & Wrench - Large, 1-1/4" diameter arbor is specially designed to provide added blade support & smooth-running operation
  4. Aluminum Rip Fence - Locks at both front & rear of table for precision ripping - also serves as a guide and/or backstop for drilling, sanding & other operations - offers two T-slots on top surface & one on each face of fence for attaching jigs & fixtures
  5. Miter Gauge - Squeeze-style safety grip clamps the workpiece firmly to the gauge bar for slip-free operation - protractor is accurate to 1/2°, with adjustable auto-stops at common angles - gauge bar slides in T-shaped table slots to prevent accidental drops & provide extended crosscutting capacity
  6. Extension Table System - Includes one base-mounted & two floating style tables with four connecting tubes & two telescoping legs for added workpiece support
  7. Shopsmith Safety Kit - Award-winning kit includes a push stick, a push block with anti-slip foam bottom, a fence straddling push block & an adjustable feather board
  8. Safety Goggles - Wrap-around style with ventilated sides - work over glasses
  1. 12" Sanding Disc & Sandpaper - Steel disc with 113 sq. in. of surface - Includes one pressure-sensitive, medium grit sandpaper disc
  2. Lathe Centers - Spurred drive center & cup-style dead center for turning
  3. Lathe Tool Rest - Slides into table carriage to provide support for lathe chisels during turning
  4. Lathe Tailstock - Adjustable mount holds dead center (or optional live center) during turning - Adjusts for offset turning such as Cabriole Legs
  5. Drill Chuck & Key - 1/2" capacity geared
  6. Allen Wrenches - The only tools you'll need to change operations
  7. Coupling Kit - Used to power Bandsaw, Jointer & other major accessories - includes one unbreakable Zytel Coupler & two drive hubs
  8. Shaper Arbor* - 1/2" arbor includes four assorted size rub collars
  9. Shaper / Router Shield* - Used for routing and under-table shaping- attaches to back of worktable & provides dust collection hook-up
  10. Shaper/ Router Table Insert* - Features 2-3/8" diameter center hole - includes two threaded starter pins for shaping & mounting holes on underside for shaper vacuum attachment (Vac attachment cannot be used during under-table shaping or routing
  11. 1/2" Router Chuck* - Precision-machined steel chuck accepts all Router Bits with 1/2" shanks

*Standard only with Mark 7 machines

Basic Specifications for Shopsmith Multi-Purpose Machines

Mark 7

Shopsmith's multi-purpose woodworking machines are available in three different versions - A Mark 7 version with an electronically-controlled DVR (Direct Variable Reluctance) motor and digital electronic speed-change mechanism - and two Mark V versions with a conventional AC motor and mechanical speed-change mechanism. The specifications in the chart below will help you select the configuration that best suits the types of woodworking you're planning to do.

The chart below shows the motor & power specifications for the three options, including the Mark 7 model and the two Mark V models (Model 510 & Model 520). This chart also includes the basic machine specifications that are common to all Shopsmith machines, regardless of version.

A further explanation of the table system options plus additional specifications covering ripping capacities, support surface sizes and other machine components can be found on the following two pages.

Motor / Power

 Mark 7 ModelMark V Models
Type DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance Conventional AC
Wired For 120 and 240 volts 120 Volts
Amperage 15A at 120V, 7A at 240V 13.5 amps
Horsepower 1-3/4 hp at 120 volts
2 hp at 240 volts
1-1/8 hp
Speed Change Mechanism Electronically controlled Pulleys and belts (Reeves drive)
Speed Range 250 rpm to 10,000 rpm 700 rpm to 5,200 rpm
Reversible Yes No

Individual Tool Specifications - Common to all models

Table Saw    
Main Table Size 17-1/2" x 22" Left-to-right support with extension tables and tubes - 102"
Sawblade Diameter 10"  
Maximum Depth of Cut 3-1/4" at 0° Saws completely through 4 x 4 lumber
Maximum Ripping Capacity 98"  
Miter Range 60° left to 60° right Holds your stock at precise angles during sawing
Disc Sander    
Disc Diameter 12" A full 113 square inches of sanding surface
Disc Feed 4-1/4" For precise micro-feed of disc into stationary workpiece
Miter Range 60° left to 60° right Holds your stock at precise angles during sanding
Horizontal Boring Machine    
Maximum Stock Length Unlimited Great for long boards and large workpieces
Quill Feed 4-1/4" Feeds bit into your stock, as with vertical drill press
Vertical Drill Press    
Capacity Drills to center of 16-1/2" workpiece Rarely do typical drill press tasks require more
Main Table Size 17-1/2" x 22" Floating extension tables & (4) 27" tubes can provide up to 00-0/0" of front-to-back workpiece support
Maximum Chuck-to-Table Distance 25" Can drill into large project component assemblies
Maximum Chuck-to-Floor Distance 58" Can drill into large project component assemblies
Quill Feed 4-1/4"  
Swing Over Ways 16-1/2" Easily handles large diameter faceplate turnings
Maximum Distance between Centers 34" Turns table legs, porch rails, etc. up to 34" long - as well as small projects such as pens & miniatures
Tool Rest 360° swing of tool rest & arm Simplifies tool rest-to-workpiece alignment
Over-Table Router*    
Throat Clearance 7-5/8"  
Spindle Stroke 4-1/4" Exceeds that of portable plunge routers
Bit Chuck 1/2" diameter 1/4" diameter model also available
Worktable Size 17-1/2" x 22" Floating extension tables & (4) 27" tubes can provide up to 00-0/0" of front-to-back workpiece support
Spindle Speeds 250 rpm to 10,000 rpm  
Under-Table Shaper*    
Throat Clearance 7-5/8"  
Spindle Stroke 4-1/4"  
Arbor Diameter 1/2" Includes 25/32", 1", 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" rub collars
Worktable Size 17-1/2" x 22" Floating extension tables & (4) 27" tubes can provide up to 00-0/0" of front-to-back workpiece support
Spindle Speeds 250 rpm to 10,000 rpm  

* Under-table shaping operations are only possible with the Mark 7 version.

Over or Under Table Operation

Over table drill press operation

The original Shopsmith Mark V has only tilted to the right... allowing only over-table routing, shaping and drum sanding... the new Shopsmith Mark 7 has been designed to tilt left or right ...allowing both over and under table routing, shaping and drum Sanding, and enabling it to take full advantage of all the enhanced capabilities provided by the revolutionary new Shopsmith PowerPro® motor and headstock.

Since its introduction, the Shopsmith Mark V has always offered over-table operation of these functions... however, some woodworkers prefer the under-table approach... feeling that having the bit or cutter under the workpiece keeps the hands out of harm's way and actually protects them from potential injury. If you agree with this, the new, tilt-both-ways Shopsmith Mark 7 lets you have your choice.

Under table shaper operation

Being able to switch between over and under-table operation also gives you three other options that you don't get with Mark V's:


  1. You can change your workpiece feed direction to whatever is comfortable for you by switching from over to under-table operation
  2. Under-table operation allows you to work more efficiently by setting your depth-of-cut just once when making internal cuts

    For example, if you're shaping or drum sanding the internal edges of a series of identical picture frames or similar projects, you can use the under-table approach and set your cut depth just once. Then you can switch from workpiece-to-workpiece by simply dropping your stock over the protruding bit, cutter or drum and performing your operation. If you were using an over-table set-up, you would have to move your spindle up or down and then reset your depth-of-cut each time you changed workpieces. Not so with an under-table set- up.

  3. Since the rotating bit or cutter projects up from beneath the workpiece, under-table operation allows you to position your hands where required without interference from the bit or cutter. So, you can exert more down-force on your stock during operation than you could with the bit in your way on top of the workpiece, and therefore, usually achieve greater precision on your cuts. And, by the way, this same scenario holds true for drum sanding operations.

However, although many woodworkers believe that the under-table approach is best, simply because it's more conventional, many Mark V owners believe that the over-table approach is best because it allows the rotating bit or cutter to always be in full view, making it easier and potentially more precise when making stop-cuts (such as for mortises) or for routing to drawn lines. Fortunately, the new Mark 7 allows you to select the approach that you like best.

So, what's involved in making the switch?

Changing the Mark 7 from over-table to under-table operation is simple.

Step One: Remove the worktable from the table carriage

Step Two: Rotate the worktable 180° and replace it in the table carriage

Step Three: Loosen the horizontal lock

Step Four: Tilt machine into vertical position and lock the base arm locking knob

Remove Table from Carriage 1. Remove Table From CarriageRotate Table and Replace in Carriage2. Rotate Table 180° and Replace in Table CarriageLoosen Horizontal Lock Knob 3. Loosen Horizontal Lock Knob

Tilt Machine Into Vertical Position 4. Tilt Machine Into Vertical Position     Table Post Racks

Note: The Mark 7 Table Support Posts Have a Geared Rack on Both Sides, Allowing the Table To Be Rotated 180°