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Bead and Bevel Shaper Cutter Style No. 5 Maximize

Bead and Bevel Shaper Cutter Style No. 5

505613 Bead and Bevel Shaper Cutter Style No. 5  

This range of Shaper cutter, with 3 cutting surfaces, can be used on your Mk V in pillar drill mode or in horizontal mode using your Speed Increaser, 555462 to give super smooth results 

All Shopsmith shaper cutters may be used on any shaper that accepts 1/2" bored cutters.

Please read the safety notice

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Shopsmith Shaper Cutters

Shopsmith Shaper Cutters

Full Complement of Premium Shaper Cutters

A full complement of premium Shopsmith shaper cutters for decorative edging, joinery and more.

All Shopsmith shaper cutters may be used on any shaper that accepts 1/2" bored cutters. For safety reasons, we recommend that these cutters always be used with a shaper fence when straight-line shaping.

1. Bead

Bead Shaper Cutter

505605 Bead Shaper Cutter... 

2. Crown

Crown Shaper Cutter

505606 Crown Shaper Cutter...

3. Bead & Quarter Round

Bead and Quarter Round Shaper Cutter

505607 Bead & Quarter-Round Shaper Cutter...

4. 1/4" & 1/2" Combination Quarter-Round

1/4" & 1/2" Combination Quarter-Round Shaper Cutter

505608 1/4" & 1/2" Combination Quarter-Round Shaper Cutter...

5. Bead & Bevel

Bead and Bevel Shaper Cutter

505613 Bead and Bevel Shaper Cutter..

6. Flute & Quarter-Round

Flute & Quarter-Round Shaper Cutter

505934 Flute & Quarter-Round Shaper Cutter...

7. 1" Jointer

1-Inch Jointer Shaper Cutter

505611 1" Jointer Shaper Cutter... 

8. Cabinet Door Lip

Cabinet Door Lip Shaper Cutter

555589 Cabinet Door Lip Shaper Cutter...

9. Glue Joint

Glue Joint Shaper Cutter

555095 Glue Joint Shaper Cutter...

10. Quarter Round & Cove

Quarter-Round & Cove Shaper Cutter

505614 Quarter-Round & Cove Shaper Cutter...

11. 3-Bead Edge (for 3/4" stock)

3-Bead Edge Shaper Cutter

555011 3-Bead Edge Shaper Cutter... 

12. Cloverleaf

Cloverleaf Shaper Cutter

505616 Cloverleaf Shaper Cutter...

13. Tongue (mirror image of #14)

Tongue Shaper Cutter

505610 Tongue Shaper Cutter... 

14. Groove (mirror image of #13)

Groove Shaper Cutter

505609 Groove Shaper Cutter... 

15. 1/4" Groove

1/4" Groove Shaping Cutter

505612 1/4" Groove Shaper Cutter...

16. Ogee

Ogee Shaper Cutter

505932 Ogee Shaper Cutter... 

17. 3/4" Flute (mirror of #18)

3/4" Flute Shaper Cutter

555048 3/4" Flute Shaper Cutter... 

18. 3/4" Nosing (mirror image of #17)

3/4" Nosing Shaper Cutter

555049 3/4" Nosing Shaper Cutter..

19. V-Groove

V-Groove Shaper Cutter

505935 V-Groove Shaper Cutter... 

20. 1/2" Radius

1/2" Radius Shaper Cutter

555010 1/2" Radius Shaper Cutter... 

21. Drop-Leaf Cove (mirror image of #22)

Drop-Leaf Cove Shaper Cutter

515326 Drop-Leaf Cove Shaper Cutter... 

22. Drop-Leaf Bead (mirror image of #21)

Drop-Leaf Bead Shaper Cutter

515327 Drop-Leaf Bead Shaper Cutter...

23. 3/16" Bead & Cove (mirror image of #24)

3/16-inch Bead and Cove Shaper Cutter

505618 3/16" Bead & Cove Shaper Cutter...

24. 3/16" Cove & Bead (mirror image of #23)

3/16-inch Cove and Bead Shaper Cutter

555009 3/16" Cove & Bead Shaper Cutter... 

25. 1/2" Groove

1/2-inch Groove Shaper Cutter

505938 1/2" Groove Shaper Cutter... 

26. 3-Flute (mirror image of #27)

3-Flute Shaper Cutter

555012 3-Flute Shaper Cutter...

27. 3-Bead (mirror image of #26)

3-Bead Shaper Cutter

505933 3-Bead Shaper Cutter...


Complete Cabinet Set

Set of 6 cutters total.

505937 Complete Cabinet Set (6 cutters) ... 


Door Panel and Door Rail Shaper Cutters

Door Panel and Rail Coper Shaper Cutters

Make beautiful cabinet doors with the door panel cutter and door-rail coper with your shaper. Use the door panel cutter to cut the panel grooves in the edge of rails and stiles. Cut the ends of the rails with the matching door-rail coper.