Bandsaw Blade 72 inch 1/4" 6 tpi SKIP Tooth 2nds Maximize

Bandsaw Blade 72 inch 1/4" 6 tpi SKIP Tooth 2nds

I have here a pair of blades I am selling as SECONDS

In original packaging from Craft Supplies 

WHY? They have not been stored well and show a small amount of rust

That said they will certainly do the job and save some money in the process



No nonsense good quality blades made in West Yorkshire to exacting standards.

You will not be disappointed with these long lasting quality blades.

Pack of two blades at this price


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72" x 1/4" x 6 Tpi SKIP Tooth 0.025 thick Flexy Bandsaw blades Pack of 2

These bandsaw blades are made using the best steel available internationally. This means using hi-tech Dakin Flathers superior quality carbon bi-metal steel, made in West Yorkshire and MK Morse Bi-metal from the USA.

These superior metal strips allow our blades' teeth to be precision milled to the highest standard, giving superior high speed cutting performance and unrivalled fatigue resistance in blades that can last up to four times longer than standard blades.