Bandsaw Lower Wheel Assembly (incl 28,29) Maximize

Bandsaw Lower Wheel Assembly (incl 28,29)

509032 Bandsaw Lower Wheel Assembly (incl 28,29)

If you are doing an overhaul consider replacing roller bearings and guides

Kits are available for both


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£ 162,55


As well as the upper wheel assembly consider-

Bandsaw Roller Bearing Retrofit Kit

Back Up Roller Retro-Fit Kit Delivers Smoother, Quieter Performance

Smoother, Quieter Performance With No More Squealing

For Older Model Shopsmith Bandsaws With Squealing Bronze Bushing Back Up Rollers

No More Squealing! Being driven nuts by the squealing back up rollers on your older model Shopsmith Bandsaw? Here's your solution.

These high quality, permanently lubricated ball bearing assemblies work with 1/16" through 5/8" blades to reduce blade friction and make your blades last a lot longer.

For bandsaws with serial numbers prior to 97932. Kit components replace the bronze bushing upper, lower and auto-track back-up rollers. Easy to install in a matter of minutes ... and ...

No More Squealing !