Cross-Cutter for Mark V Models 510, 505 and 500 Maximize

Cross-Cutter for Mark V Models 510, 505 and 500

The Shopsmith Cross-Cutter

556464 Cross-Cutter for Mark V Models 510, 505 and 500


Create Beautiful Picture Frames, Tables, Custom Boxes, Furniture and more!

Mark V 500 owners Please note you need to have the 555646 upgrade fence to use this item

Mark V 520 owners Please note you need to order the 556466

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£ 48,50

Great for DIYers, Homeowners and Woodworkers!

A great low cost and easy to use jig, you definitely don't need a manual to use this!

Jewelry BoxSegmented BowlDrawers
Cross Cutter Cross Cutter and Miter Gauge


Save time and skip the extra jig!
Cut precise dados!

  • Cut boards to the exact same length every time
  • Cut out imperfections in a snap
  • Cut multiple pieces to two different lengths
  • Cut two slots (or dados) in the same board
  • Make larger dado slots than normal blades cut
  • True up any variations in plywood for a precise fit

The Shopsmith Cross-Cutter allows you to make many cuts that have traditionally required custom jigs, fence adjustment, or tedious dado shimming. These cuts include: • Making two cuts of differing length, • Making irregularly sized dado slots, • Making oversized dado slots, and • Creating a double spline joint.

Features and Benefits

Safety: It creates a space between the rip fence and the piece being cross-cut. This keeps the workpiece from binding between the fence and the saw blade and creating a kickback.

Precision: The Shopsmith Cross-Cutter has 2 micro-adjustable stop screws. Each quarter-turn of the stops creates an adjustment of 1/128"


  • Cut multiple project parts to identical lengths after measuring only the first one
  • Cut precise dados to exactly fit today's undersized plywood without tedious shimming
  • Cut precise extra-wide dados that are wider than the capacity of your dado head