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DC-3300 Dust Collector

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Enjoy Virtually Dust-Free Woodworking with Shopsmith's DC3300 Dust Collector

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Enjoy Virtually Dust-Free Woodworking with Shopsmith's DC3300 Dust Collector   Enjoy Virtually Dust-Free Woodworking  

    Shopsmith DC3300 Dust Collector  

    Few things are worse for your working environment and your health than a dusty, messy shop. Dusty floors are slippery, dusty lungs can cause serious health problems and dusty air can contaminate the entire house and infuriate the spouse(not a good thing). Here's your chance to solve all of these problems.   

    Shopsmith's DC3300 Dust Collector was engineered specifically as a compact, efficient way to suck the wood dust and shavings out of your running Shopsmith machines before they mess up your shop, equipment clothes and home.  

        Then, when you've finished working, you can turn it into an air-cleaning whiz by simply disconnecting the hoses, opening all three of its inlets and turning it on. The DC3300 will remove any lingering airborne particles (as small as 7 microns - only 1 micron with optional 42" Hood) from a 12" x 12" shops in about 10 minutes - while you're straightening up.  

        Shop Vacuum vs. Dust Collector  

    Heavy-duty shop vacuums are great for sweeping floors, sucking-up water and all those other general clean-up jobs round the house and garage. But they can't hold a candle to a dedicated Dust Collector when it comes to capturing large volumes of shavings and superfine dust from woodworking machinery. No Contest!  

        Most shop vacuums are wet/dry units. They need a lot of static pressure to suck up nuts, bolts, water and other heavy stuff. Dust Collectors, on the other hand, could care less about heavy stuff. Their job is to snatch 90+% of the dust and debris from your machinery before it ever has a chance to get loose and become a problem.  

        To do that job, you need CFM (cubic-feet-per-minute) not static pressure and that's exactly what Dust Collectors deliver - in HUGE     quantities. In fact, three times - or more CFM - than a conventional  shop vacuum. When it comes to sucking-up sawdust and wood chips, Dust Collectors reign supreme over shop vacuums!  

        Loaded with Hard-Working Features:  

    As with all Shopsmith Special Purpose Tools, your DC3300 Dust Collector offers a number of great benefits and accessories.  

Powerful, 1/2 hp Motor - Sealed, fan-cooled motor develops up to 3/4 hp - more than enough to provide simultaneous dust-collection for multiple machines with up to 98% efficiency.  

Exceptional Hook-Up Versatility - with three inlet ports, your DC3300 can serve up to three machines at once. Or, replace the 3-way inlet with our optional 4" inlet assembly and connect it to a permanent, hard-piped system to serve the whole shop.  

Large, 4-Vane, Low-Noise Fan - You get maximum airflow with minimum noise. What more could you ask?  

Huge 30-Gallon Waste Capacity - Heavy-duty, 30-gallon, see through dust bags attach and remove with quick-release-style retaining strap.  

Oversize Wheels & Casters - Move your DC3300 around the shop with practically zero effort!  

Generous 12-foot Power Cord - No need to look for an extension!  

Compact Size Saves Shop Real Estate - Requires only 21" x 26" of floor space - just 48" high (with standard filter hood)  

Motor8 amp 1/2 hp capacitor-start industrial motor
Airflow330 CFM
Bag Capacity30 Gallons
Dimensions21"w x 26"d x 48"h
Power Cord12 feet
Weight64 lbs (approximately)

        15 Standard Accessories:  

Includes 15 Standard Accessories    

  • Two 2-1/2" x 8' hoses
  • Two 20" x 2-1/2" wands
  • Wide, floor pickup attachment
  • Elbow brush attachment
  • Clamp-on utility pick up
  • Two inlet plug assemblies with caps
  • Six see-through disposable dust bags