Headstock initial service refurbishment Maximize

Headstock initial service refurbishment

Your initial service refurbishment will bring your machine in line with current Health and Safety requirements

After your refurbishment a full service is recommended to be done every two years. The labour charge is reduced for repeat customers. A refurbishment is even more important if you have left your machine standing for long periods of inactivity. If you have recently purchased your machine and are unsure of the history then please contact me for advice.

The listed price is for the LABOUR and includes VAT Parts are extra



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£ 150,00

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Shopsmith Mk V headstock Initial Service refurbishment

If your headstock is being sent in with a known major problem or if it has never been serviced then it will be assessed individually


This Refurbishment is for both the 500 and 510 model motors but the case design has to be with the rectangular switch arrangement.

If your headstock casing has the chrome toggle switch design please contact me for your options.

The Refurbishment will include a complete strip down and inspection of all working parts. All items will be checked for damage and fully cleaned and lubricated ready before re-assembly. The tolerances of all bearings will be carried out in the motor drive train including the checking of the sheaves assemblies. The same will be done for the quill assembly to ensure smooth operation. The speed dial assembly is very easily damaged by a lack of lubrication and infiltration of dust so if yours starts to get stiff to use give me a call BEFORE you damage it. 

The full checklist is at the bottom of the page


If you have a Shopsmith machine when was it last serviced?

In fact, if you bought it secondhand, has it EVER been serviced?

As the official UK Service Centre I have the expertise to carry out this work.

I have had training by the UK Shopsmith expert, who has now retired, and have a supply of the requisite spares available to be able to carry out this task.

My workshop has the requisite factory jigs and tools plus all the technical manuals for this task.

It makes sense to have your machine serviced, you do it for your car without thinking.

A few things NOT to do.

  1. Wait until it goes wrong.
  2. Strip it apart when it does, and have no idea how to re-assemble it.
  3. Struggle with a stiffening speed dial, hoping it will get better. (it won't!)
  4. Wonder why it doesn't sound as smooth as it used to.
  5. Worry about that slight burning smell as the saw bogs down.


All you have to do next is CONTACT me

You will be sent a "Shipping instructions" leaflet which will explain:-
how to get the headstock off your machine

How to arrange shipping to the Service Centre

Optionally, if you live close, you are welcome to drop off your headstock by arrangement.

I do not offer a same day service


Your initial Service overhaul will be carried out as follows:-


  1. Dismantle, clean and inspect all components
  2. Speed dial handle PASS FAIL
  3. Speed dial assembly casting PASS FAIL
  4. Quadrant PASS FAIL
  5. Remove motor. Clean and blow out dust with compressed air
  6. Test the motor and check wiring is undamaged PASS FAIL
  7. Check main power cable and plug  PASS FAIL
  8. Internal testing of the motor is carried out by specialist if required YES NO
  9. Check motor sheaves surfaces for damage PASS FAIL
  10. Check Lower belt for width, fraying or damage PASS FAIL
  11. Check control Sheave for damage and bearing function PASS FAIL
  12. Note upper belt tension position for stretch or fraying PASS FAIL
  13. Remove idler shaft and check assembly for wear PASS FAIL
  14. Inspect idler sheave assembly PASS FAIL  
  15. Install the Euro switch Power Loss disconnect for function PASS FAIL.
  16. Remove & dismantle quill front assembly, clean, test inner/outer bearings, PASS  FAIL
  17. Remove Drive hub assembly, check for wear/rumble both bearings PASSFAIL
  18. Check Drive hub nylon bush for wear/damage PASS FAIL
  19. Remove & dismantle quill feed pinion assembly Check spring PASS FAIL
  20. Check, Clean, lubricate quill pinion assembly re-assemble with correct tensions
  21. Clean casting and check for cracks PASS FAIL
  22. Check for drive hub safety cover PASS FAIL
  23. Check for Safety and warning  labels  PASS FAIL
  24. Reassemble the unit for tests.
  25. Adjust the speed quadrant assembly for correct positioning and speed control
  26. Final checks and adjustments
  27. Motor rpm, low speed rpm, saw speed rpm and fast speed rpm tests
  28. All tests complete. (pass)




Notes to client: 


Using this checklist any items which fail will be replaced. 


The report on the individual headstock will be supplied with the unit. 




For peace of mind the mechanical unit comes with a 6 month warranty on parts and labour.