Easy-Start Chisel Replacement Carbide Cutters square roughing Maximize

Easy-Start Chisel Replacement Carbide Cutters square roughing

Easy Wood Tools Carbide-Cutter Roughing

Individual Roughing Cutter from Easy To Use Wood Tools

 Although at first glance, these Easy Wood Tools cutters may look ordinary, there is nothing ordinary about them! 

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Easy Wood Tools Carbide-Cutter 

This one is called Roughing for getting your job to near finish dimensions

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Extra - Ordinary Wood Turning Chisels

Extraordinary Wood Turning ChiselsEasy Wood Tools - a Whole New Wood Turning System - Made in America


Although at first glance, these Easy Wood Tools chisels may look ordinary, trust us when we tell you that there is nothing ordinary about them! Revolutionary in their design and superior in their craftsmanship, they are clearly the easiest to use, smoothest-cutting lathe chisels you'll ever wrap your hands around!

Here's What Makes These Chisels Your Best Turning Investment

Easy Wood Tools Carbide Cutters

Easy Wood Tools Machines thse cutters in-house from a premier grade, proprietary formula carbide on super-rigid CNC grinders, Easy Wood Tool's engineers invested thousands of hours developing cutters with the ideal Grade, Grind and Geometry to give you the sharpest edges, best results and optimal longevity. You'll add up to 20 hours of turning time over conventional tools and save, on the average, over 100 trips to the grinder or stone for chisel edge touch-ups. Instead, once they've dulled, you'll simply rotate the cutters to a fresh edge and get back to work in about a minute or two. Then, when it's time to replace them, you can do so for low prices. In other words, you can Forget About Sharpening - Forever!

Easy Wood Tools Carbide Cutters With the Ideal Grade, Grind and Geometry for the Sharpest Edges

Square Roughing Cutters give you four sharp edges for extended life, remove stock lightning-fast and are as well-suited for making square shoulder cuts as they are for the initial roughing cuts on your workpieces. Right or left-handed turners can use the front or either side cutting edge with equal ease and precision.

Diamond-Shaped Detailing Cutter is perfect for creating small beads & coves... and for more intricate finishing cuts in tight areas. Ground with a small, tight radius at each end, it is far less likely to snag than a conventional skew or other sharp-pointed chisel. And, just like the square roughing cutter, you can cut just as easily with the tip or either side edge.

Round Finishing Cutter is ideal for creating coves and the inside curves of bowls & goblets. Move it slowly and gently across your turning and you'll produce a finish that's so smooth sanding will probably not be required!

Black-Oxide Carbon Steel Tool BarsComfortable Handles With Unique Trademarked Shape With Multiple Gripping Locations To Minimize Fatigue

The black oxide carbon steel tool bars on these chisels feature ends that have been engineered with profiles that precisely match the shape of each cutter for a snug fit. Each bar features four flat sides with slightly radiused corners that glide smoothly along your tool rest without snagging. To achieve super-smooth cuts every time, just keep the bottom edge flat on your tool rest and level... with the cutter on-center with your workpiece... and even if you're an inexperienced turner, you simply can't fail.

The hard maple handles feature a unique, trademarked shape with plated steel ferrules and a durable, high-gloss hand-rubbed lacquer finish that will last a lifetime. With an overall tool length of 12-1/2", they offer multiple gripping locations to help minimize fatigue... and a maximum reach of 2" into the cut.

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