NOVA Flexible Point Drive Centres 1/2" Maximize

NOVA Flexible Point Drive Centres 1/2"

NOVA 9019 Flexible Point Drive Centre 1/2"


With a unique "Flexible Point" spring-loaded centre point 

Turn between centres, chuck remains on the lathe

Preserves concentricity when turning goblets etc.

Safe, in the event of a dig-in the work will stop revolving

Repositioning your work always goes back in the same place

Sharp toothed outer ring provides positive drive



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£ 46,50

NOVA 9019 Flexible Point Drive Centre 1/2"

The NOVA Flexible Point Drive Centres load directly into the jaws of your NOVA chuck.

This allows you to switch between spindle turning and chucked pieces without having to keep taking the chuck on and off your lathe. It also offers a significant advantage when preparing or roughing out pieces between centres that are then finished in the chuck, such as goblets.

The NOVA Flexible Centres are a superior driving spur centre available in a variety of sizes to handle most spindle work.

The "Flexible Point" spring-loaded centre point allows you to set your workpiece in place (or remove it) with the lathe running.

As you increase tailstock ( for Shopsmith users read Quill feed ) pressure, the drive centre teeth bite into the wood and your work begins to rotate. With light pressure, it will drive your work, but allow it to stop if you have a dig-in, minimising damage to your workpiece. With increased pressure, it will power through even the heaviest cuts. Since its multiple teeth spread the pressure over a larger area, the Flexible Point Drive Centre is less likely to split your workpiece than a standard spur.