Nova G3 Shopsmith Lathe Chuck System KIT 3 Maximize

Nova G3 Shopsmith Lathe Chuck System KIT 3

Martins Supplies Special Shopsmith Nova G3 Woodturning Lathe Chuck System kit 3

This is a special offer pack which includes the standard G3 Chuck with

Supplied with 50mm jaws, Woodworm screw, insert adaptor, chuck key

Tools include Jaw screws and allen keys 

With special insert for your Shopsmith machine

PLUS a bumper bonus of:-

A NOVA 25mm Jaws Accessory Jaw Set 

A NOVA Pen Plus Jaws SKU 6034


This item is NOT suitable for the Power Pro Mark 7 if used in REVERSE

Please see the special Reversible G3 kit for this headstock type (101181S)

 Martins Supplies Exclusive Package Offer -- For your Shopsmith

We also stock the full range of NOVA Accessory Jaws to fit this chuck


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Nova G3 KIT 3

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Nova G3 Woodturning Lathe Chuck System

A Teknatool Product for Shopsmith  

    This Top Quality Nova Lathe Chuck Gives You a Solid Grip On Many Types of Lathe Projects - and Makes Quick Work of Attaching & Detaching Turnings  

 Martins Supplies Exclusive Package Offer -- For your Shopsmith

We also stock the full range of NOVA Accessory Jaws to fit this chuck


Exclusive G3 Package For Shopsmith                                  This is the Standard version of the Nova G3 (insert type)
                         This item will come with the special Shopsmith insert
                 You can also purchase other inserts to use this chuck with other lathes

    Precision machined to the closest tolerances from the highest quality steels, this premier quality, self-centering scrolling chuck allows you to attach and detach your turnings without leaving unsightly screw holes or having to glue scrap blocks to them that can be difficult to remove.   

     A quick turn of the geared, T-Handled Wrench moves all four jaws smoothly and in unison to grasp your workpiece firmly. Other chucks use jaw profiles that are engineered to grasp hard materials such as steel or rounded profiles... and often crush the wood fibers without digging in to hold the stock securely. The unique Nova dovetail jaw profile, however, is carefully designed to hold the wood firmly without crushing it.    

     You can count on a secure hold, whether you're gripping end grain or side grain... and feel confident that your gripping pressure will be spread over a wide area, helping to prevent damage to your  workpieces.    

     Includes a special Shopsmith Insert Adapter   

     The 1.889" long by 0.507" diameter screw offers a deep, fine thread that is precision machined all the way to the end of the screw, allowing it to lead easily into a 9/32" diameter pilot hole in soft woods (5/16" for hardwoods) and grip tightly. It features a square shank and locating groove that locks positively into the Nova chuck body.     

     The Insert Adapter is also precision machined to close tolerances from high strength carbon steel. It features a wide mounting face to eliminate wobble and is designed specifically for attachment to the 5/8" diameter Shopsmith spindle.    


 Kit Includes Std Jaws PLUS 2 extra sets of Jaws & a 50mm Faceplate ring       

                                       The kit will include the Standard 50mm Jaws PLUS the 100mm Faceplate ring, 

All these extra sets will enhance your turning capabilities   

     This jaw set is designed to expand into a pre-bored hole in your workpiece. This makes it the ideal choice for turning bowls with free form edges. However, unlike pin chucks, which typically only work in a single sized hole, these jaws will grip a range of different hole sizes, so you won't have to bore an exact sized mounting hole with this set.    

     The long jaws can be used to provide a powerful, more stable external (contraction) grip when turning miniature or smaller diameter spindles... or for those times when you need to use an internal (expansion) grip on smaller diameter bowls, turned boxes and similar projects. It's included with your G3 purchase !  

ChuckExpandingContracting (External Gripping Action)
 (Internal Gripping Action)Square ModeSpigot Mode

50mm Jaws

50mm Faceplate Ring

Pin Jaws 

Pen Plus Jaws




















  • Quality Materials and Precision Machining (body made from precision machined 1045 high tensile steel)
  • Common Accessory Jaw Fixing Profile - compatible across all Nova chucks and accessories
  • High Tech Precision Composite Jaw Slides
  • Special Woodturning Dovetail Profile on Jaws
  • Auto Safety Stop Feature - Jaw slides can't protrude past the chuck body
  • Open back for easy cleaning
  • Comprehensive Instructions
  • Shopsmith Adaptor Fitting - compatible across all Nova chucks
  • Safe Lock™ Woodworm Screw

Includes: Nova G3 insert design Chuck  • Insert for Shopsmith     • 50mm Jaw Set   • Pen plus Jaw Set    • Pin Jaw Set  • 50mm Faceplate ring    

• Fasteners       • T-Bar Handle       • Safe Lock™ Woodworm Screw      • Instructions  

Owners Manual:           Nova G3 Owners Manual - PDF  

     A Top-Quality, Highly Versatile Lathe Chuck System at a Great Value !