Beltsander 6 inch wide USED  Made by Multico Maximize

Beltsander 6 inch wide USED Made by Multico

Multico 6 inch Beltsander USED (complete) inc shipping

This is a PRIVATE SALE and was used on a MArk V 

The seller has boxed the item ready to ship and that cost is included in the price.

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Official workshop manual included

Although not made by Shopsmith the belt size is the same so no problems with consumables.

Janet is selling this well looked after Beltsander
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£ 165,00

The Multico Belt Sander -- A Big, 6-inch Wide Belt and Loads of Great Features Help You Eliminate Hours of Tedious Hand Sanding!        

    Multico 6" Belt Sander  

    Few tools will save you more work and time than a stationary belt sander. Its straight line action removes stock quickly and easily... then smooths surfaces and edges to a glass like surface by changing to a fine grit belt.  

    Belt sanders are the ideal tool for smoothing the surfaces and edges of     both narrow and wide boards. You'll use it to make easy work of home shop sanding jobs such as:  

  • Removing unsightly mill marks from sawn stock
  • Sanding bevels, miters and other cuts while using the table to maintain a precise angle or size
  • Contour sanding odd-shaped workpieces on the back side of the belt (which runs free without a back-up plate)
  • Sanding protruding joinery (finger laps, lap joints, mortise-and-tenons, dovetails, etc.) flush with workpiece edges or surfaces
  • Sanding small or unusually-shaped parts that may be difficult or impossible to hold for sanding with hand-held power sanders

    When you want to remove stock quickly, sand across the grain. When you want to smooth stock, sand with the grain. In fact, thanks to its     straight-line cutting action, you can produce surfaces or edges that are smooth as glass and straight as an arrow by merely changing to a fine grit belt.  

                            When you need true 90° edges, position the worktable along the side of the belt so its surface is 90° to the belt surface... then use the table as a precision rip fence-type guide.  

                            When you need precise, 2-way 90° corners, position the worktable across the belt with its surface 90° to the belt surface then use the table as a precision back-up to maintain the angle of the stock during sanding.