Bandsaw with Aluminium table, Fence & circle cutter USED Maximize

Bandsaw with Aluminium table, Fence & circle cutter USED

Shopsmith 11" Bandsaw & Fence

Also has table extention and circle cutter

Serial number ??? NEW in 1995

Mel is selling this great condition item 

This is a used item in full working order. It is the more modern item with the new aluminium table. It has been unused for a while.

a selection of 3 blades will come with the item

The workshop manual leaflets are included

Also included is the 555489 Circle Cutter

Tyres and bearing are all in good order

Collection from TA13 5LH 

Willing to deliver within 40 miles of Ilminster Somerset

If you are further I can ship for £25.50 extra

Contact me for the sellers details via email

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Mel H 555507

£ 295,00

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Shopsmith 11" Bandsaw information
Although bandsaws were originally developed to make curved cuts, it didn't take long before users realized that it offered a number of great, straight-line cutting advantages, as well. For example, not many table saws (commercial or otherwise) will cut stock up to 6" thick... or cut metal. Here are a few of the jobs your Shopsmith bandsaw is well-suited to tackle:

  • Cut Tight Or Sweeping Curves - No home shop saw will cut faster than a bandsaw... and with Shopsmith's generous-sized support table and full range of 1/16" to 5/8" wide blades, you'll have just what you need to cut simple or intricate curves in wood plastic, and non-ferrous metals.
  • Make Compound Cuts to Create 3-D Objects - Curved table legs are often created by first cutting the required curves on the two opposing faces of a board - taping the scrap back into position - then rotating the board 90° and repeating the process.
  • Quickly Cut Woods Up To 6" Thick - Whether straight or curved, the bandsaw is your best choice for cutting thick woods other saws just can't handle.
  • Resaw Thin Boards From Thick Ones - Sometimes, you need wood that's thinner than the "standards" for special projects. Armed with a bandsaw and a 1/2" or 5/8" resawing blade, you can stand boards up to 6" wide on edge and slice thick boards into thinner ones, just like the lumberyards.
  • Pad-Saw Multiple Items Simultaneously - Need four identical bracket feet for a small clock or box? Use double-stick tape to create a stack of boards of identical thicknesses (up to 6" total) and saw them all at once, then separate.
  • Cut Metals, Plastics & Other Materials - When making straight or curved cuts in non-ferrous metals (up to 1/4" thick), plastics, rubber and other materials, no other home shop saw will out-perform the bandsaw.

As with all Shopsmith special purpose tools, your bandsaw offers a number of great features and accessories to help you make everything you make - better.

Mark 7 / Mark V or Stand Mount - Every Shopsmith special purpose tool offers you the option of mounting and powering it with your Shopsmith Multipurpose Tool - or with its own, individual motorized stand.
Large, Versatile Table is 13-1/2" x 15-1/2" big for plenty of support with an easy-to-read scale for accurate tilt adjustments from 5° left to 45° right -- and a special T-Slot extrusion that you can fine-tune your miter gauge precisely for smooth, wobble-free operation and enhanced precision.
Unlimited Cut-off Capacity on Workpieces up to 3-7/8" Wide. Exclusive, reversible blade guides allow you to twist the blade to a 30" angle from the bandsaw's frame, so you can achieve this unusual capability.
Easy Blade Tension Adjustments - It's as simple as matching the indicator on the tension gauge with the blade width you're using - and you don't even have to remove the cover !
A Full Range of Hard-Working Accessories - When you need accessories to help you perform specialized operations with your Shopsmith Bandsaw, we've got them. From a versatile rip fence to a table extension, circle cutter, special Cool Blocks and a full complement of blades to make all types of cuts in a variety of materials.

Includes:Bandsaw • Instruction Manual • 
Note: Power Coupler required for use with Shopsmith Mark 7 / Mark V or Power Station.

  • Weight 45 lbs