Mark V 500 USED (complete) Maximize

Mark V 500 USED (complete)

A complete Mark V 500 original

Why buy this machine from me?

The machine will come with ALL parts and you will get after sales Support

A great machine in full working order


I can offer a JOINTER or BANDSAW at an extra £225 each at time of purchase

This is a used item in full working order. It is the original item with the all aluminium table.

This Mark V 500 is fully operational regards the motor condition.

Have a look at the photos.


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 Shopsmith Mark V Model 500 Multi Purpose Woodworking Machine

Machine was manufactured 22nd JUNE 1991

A Complete Woodworking System in a Single, Easy-To-Use Machine for Woodworkers and Do-It-Yourself types

The Shopsmith 5 in 1 concept allows for one machine to do the following operations:-

A sawtable using a 10 inch blade

A lathe with a 34 inch capacity

A pillar drill

A 12 inch disk sander

A horizontal boring machine

All these operations are powered by a ¾ HP motor running from 750 RPM to 5000 RPM

The machine comes with a full owners manual to familiarise you with your new machine

I am also including the 505717 comprehensive hands on course to educate you on the best way to use your new Shopsmith

Don't forget to see the full range of Shopsmith training DVD's on this site

These DVD's will greatly help  to familiarise yourself with your new machine.

Working through the comprehensive training course is an option I thoroughly recommend.

This gives you as a new owner, full confidence to get to grips with your new acquisition and will enable you to carry on to have fun creating your own masterpieces in wood.

This 500 system has, as standard, a saw table with twin mitre gauge slots and an end support table

This model 500 is no longer available new

This item is sold as a standard system 



  • A 34 inch Lathe including Standard accessories for turning porch and stair railings, bed posts, chair spindles, bowls, table legs, gift boxes, vases, etc.
  • Set of castors to aid moving the machine (£99.95)
  • Basic lathe extras are included (not chisels) 
  • A 10 inch Table Saw with all the precision and support you need to rip or crosscut softwoods, hardwoods and all types of sheet materials with standard one saw arbour, 24TCT blade and 48TCT blade, saw Guard assembly upper and lower 
  • A 12 inch Disc Sander for truing, sizing, and smoothing project work-pieces.  
  • A supply of self adhesive papers is included
  • A Horizontal Boring & Doweling Machine for doweling furniture or table-tops and drilling or boring the edges or ends of work-pieces too wide or long for the Drill Press.  
  • A 16-1/2 inch Drill Press for drilling woods, composites, plastics and all types of non-ferrous metals..
  • Plus 3/8 inch screw chuck and key
  • Other items included are the standard safety extras, push sticks and guards, allen keys and spanners etc