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Bandsaw USED with Aluminium table

Shopsmith 11" Bandsaw

This is a used item in full working order. It is the more modern item with the new aluminium table. It has been fully tested and adjusted and will come with a three month warranty on all parts.

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Shopsmith 11" Bandsaw
Although bandsaws were originally developed to make curved cuts, it didn't take long before users realized that it offered a number of great, straight-line cutting advantages, as well. For example, not many table saws (commercial or otherwise) will cut stock up to 6" thick... or cut metal. Here are a few of the jobs your Shopsmith bandsaw is well-suited to tackle:

  • Cut Tight Or Sweeping Curves - No home shop saw will cut faster than a bandsaw... and with Shopsmith's generous-sized support table and full range of 1/16" to 5/8" wide blades, you'll have just what you need to cut simple of intricate curves in wood plastic, and non-ferrous metals.
  • Make Compound Cuts to Create 3-D Objects - Curved table legs are often created by first cutting the required curves on the two opposing faces of a board - taping the scrap back into position - then rotating the board 90° and repeating the process.
  • Quickly Cut Woods Up To 6" Thick - Whether straight or curved, the bandsaw is your best choice for cutting thick woods other saws just can't handle.
  • Resaw Thin Boards From Thick Ones - Sometimes, you need wood that's thinner than the "standards" for special projects. Armed with a bandsaw and a 1/2" or 5/8" resawing blade, you can stand boards up to 6" wide on edge and slice thick boards into thinner ones, just like the lumberyards.
  • Pad-Saw Multiple Items Simultaneously - Need four identical bracket feet for a small clock or box? Use double-stick tape to create a stack of boards of identical thicknesses (up to 6" total) and saw them all at once, then separate.
  • Cut Metals, Plastics & Other Materials - When making straight or curved cuts in non-ferrous metals (up to 1/4" thick), plastics, rubber and other materials, no other home shop saw will out-perform the bandsaw.

As with all Shopsmith special purpose tools, your bandsaw offers a number of great features and accessories to help you make everything you make - better.

Mark 7 / Mark V or Stand Mount - Every Shopsmith special purpose tool offers you the option of mounting and powering it with your Shopsmith Multipurpose Tool - or with its own, individual motorized stand.
Large, Versatile Table is 13-1/2" x 15-1/2" big for plenty of support with an easy-to-read scale for accurate tilt adjustments from 5° left to 45° right -- and a special T-Slot extrusion that you can fine-tune your miter gauge precisely for smooth, wobble-free operation and enhanced precision.
Unlimited Cut-off Capacity on Workpieces up to 3-7/8" Wide. Exclusive, reversible blade guides allow you to twist the blade to a 30" angle from the bandsaw's frame, so you can achieve this unusual capability.
Easy Blade Tension Adjustments - It's as simple as matching the indicator on the tension gauge with the blade width you're using - and you don't even have to remove the cover !
A Full Range of Hard-Working Accessories - When you need accessories to help you perform specialized operations with your Shopsmith Bandsaw, we've got them. From a versatile rip fence to a table extension, circle cutter, special Cool Blocks and a full complement of blades to make all types of cuts in a variety of materials.

Includes:Bandsaw • Instruction Manual • 1/4" Combination Blade (555419).
Note: Power Coupler required for use with Shopsmith Mark 7 / Mark V or Power Station.

  • Weight 45 lbs