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Sawblade Sharpening Service

TCT Sawblade Sharpening Service

After a lot of trial and error over the years I have now found a company who do a good job of sharpening my blades. It is sensless paying out for a good quality blade only to have it ruined by shoddy sharpening. If this has been your experience then send your blades to the company below and they will get them sharpened properly for you.

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It has become uneconomic for me to run a Sharpening service for your saw and planer/jointer blades as I have done in the past so from now on I would ask that you deal direct with the company I have listed below.

I know that some of you will say "but there is a local guy I can use" and yes there may well be, but I have found over the years that not all Sharpening Service Companies are the same. The Company I have used for years is run by Steve and Cliff and their machine shop utilises the latest computer controlled sharpening machines. Their knowledge is vast having been in the business for a long time, so I thoroughly recommend them to you.

They will deal with your blades (all types) with care and you will get a good service I am sure.

Post your items to them (Royal mail 2nd class recorded is a good option). Please ensure that the blades are well packaged to avoid injury to the post person.

Put your address details on a sheet of paper with the blade and maybe use a felt tip pen to identify the blade as yours. Use a stiff corrugated cardboard sheet and fold it to wrap the blade edges securely. Do this in TWO layers with a final wrap of bubblewrap around the package, and then put the item in a plastic Jiffy envelope.

Send to :-

Lockwood Saws Unit 7 Fanton Hall Doublegate Lane WICKFORD ESSEX SS12 9JF

01268 733 055 Owners Steve and Cliff

Lockwood Saws are a top quality UK company at which all TCT saw blades are sharpened on Vollmer CNC machines to guarantee tooth geometry and the highest quality cutting edge. Any tooth shape can be achieved to meet the high demands of our customers from simple rip saws to the latest state of the art "Pro-Plastic" saw blades.     
     They will also sharpen your HSS blades as they have made an Investment in a Vollmer Loroch NC1020 allowing CNC grinding of HSS & Segmental saw blades with a highly polished finish, this form of wet grinding with a CBN wheel is unique as most other sharpening companies still only dry grind your blades