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All products here are Shopsmith manufactured or Shopsmith endorsed for use with the Mark V range.



  • Mark 7 / Mark V

    Full machine or parts relating to the Shopsmith Mark 7 / Mark V models

  • Mk V 500

    MARK V 500 is now DISCONTINUED so last stock available

    In this section I am now listing NEW- REFURBISHED-USED

    I am doing this to keep all items together

  • Bandsaw

    The Shopsmith 11-inch Bandsaw brings many unique, work-saving capabilities to the shop that it's easy to see why it consistently rates as our most popular special purpose tool.

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  • Beltsander

    The Shopsmith Belt Sander -- A Big, 6-inch Wide Belt and Loads of Great Features Help You Eliminate Hours of Tedious Hand Sanding!

  • Biscuit Joiner

    For a complete Biscuit Joiner or accessories and parts relating to your Shopsmith Biscuit joiner

  • Dado

    Dado - Making a Cut That's Wider Than a Standard Saw Blade

    The Shopsmith is suitable for use cutting dado

    PLEASE NOTE the MAXIMUM size of Blade to be used is 6 inch diameter

    Anything larger is DANGEROUS

    For use with quill fully retracted and with the recommended Dado table inserts

  • Drilling

    For a selection of drilling chucks and accessories for your Shopsmith.

  • Dust Collection

    For a complete Dust Collection system or accessories and parts relating to your Shopsmith Dust collector

  • Headstock

    The headstock is the heart of the Shopsmith machine.

    Over the years it has seen many design changes with a variety of motors from A.O Smith, Emerson and now the latest Power Pro

    In this category I am showing the most popular items which visitors can access.

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  • Jointer

    For a complete Jointer or accessories and parts relating to your Shopsmith 4" jointer

  • Lathe Turning

    For all aspects of lathe turning with your Shopsmith machine

  • Lathe Duplicator

    Create Perfect Professional Duplicates Easily with the Lathe Duplicator If you have been fearful of the lathe, this incredible accessory could help you master many of the key techniques of proficient turning The Amazing Shopsmith Lathe Duplicator Helps You Turn Precisely Matched Spindles, Bowls & Other Faceplate-Mounted Projects With Speed and Ease

  • Mitre Pro & Angle cutting

    The Miter-Pro features precision-machined working surfaces(10" and 24" long) that join together at an exact 90° angle for dead on 45° miters every time. Includes 10-inch and 24-inch long extension fences for optimum stability when working with long pieces. Replaceable, nonskid abrasive on both fences safely keeps stock from “creeping” during cuts.

  • Molding

    For all aspects of creative Molding - Decorative Profiles In Workpiece Surfaces

  • Mortise & Tenoning

    The mortise-and-tenon is one of the strongest joints in woodworking and is easy and accurately made using your Shopsmith

  • Planers

    The complete range of thickness Planers for your Shopsmith machine

  • Power Station

    The Shopsmith Power Station® Delivers Efficiency and Space-Saving Versatility The Shopsmith Power Station Gives You a Full Horsepower of Variable Speed - Plus - Quick Tool Changeovers !

  • Routing

    There are many ways to use your Shopsmith in conjunction with the many accessories listed here as well as with your own Router.

  • Safety

    Make Workshop Safety Your Number One Priority Safety is a frame of mind, and should be an important part of everything we use or do. You can have an accident when driving, trip when climbing stairs, fall when pruning a tree, or slip in the tub. We are surrounded by potential hazards. The people who don't become victims are those who accept the possibilities and prepare for them. Woodworking safety requires good common sense. Some woodworkers have been known to neglect to use guards and will ignore correct procedures, feeling that they are knowledgeable enough to be immune. Accident statistics are comprised of these people, and it is interesting to note that included are more professionals than amateurs. Safe woodworking is not a matter of experience or expertise, or the sophistication of the tool you are using. Safety rules should be studied and followed, not ignored. Shopsmith is dedicated to Safety and provides an Award-Winning Safety Kit The Shopsmith Safety Kit gives you positive control over the workpiece and provides an extra cushion of safety between you and the blade or cutter. Hearing Protectors are adised to Block Out Harmful Machine noise. When drilling use a Flip-Up Euroguard. The EuroGuard delivers fast, hassle-free tool changeovers, improved dust collection efficiency and added workshop safety. Scratch Resistant Safety Goggles should always be used to deflects chips and debris. ENJOY YOUR HOBBY BUT STAY SAFE

  • Sanding

    A range of product for Sanding with your Shopsmith. Your 12 inch steel disk uses self adhesive sanding disks or Velcro backed hook and loop disks. Drum sanding is well catered for with 2 1/4" diameter drums at 3 inch or 6 inch high.

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  • Sawing

    A full range of accessories for sawing on your Shopsmith

    Don't forget to visit the UK Products page for more items in this catagory

  • Scroll Saw

    Shopsmith 20" Scroll Saw - Feature-For-Feature, It's a Hands-Down Winner!

  • Shaping

    Shaping - Create Beautiful Decorative Trim on Curved or Straight Edges with your Shopsmith mark V

  • Sharpening & Grinding

    A range of products to get Super-Sharp Lathe and Bench Chisels with Your Shopsmith

  • Strip sander

    The Shopsmith Strip Sander Will Save You Hours of Tedious Hand Sanding, Grinding and Sharpening on All Types and Shapes of Materials !

  • Storage & Manuals

    Need to store your Shopsmith and accessories ?

    Got a Shopsmith Tool, But No Owner's Manual For It ?

  • Shop Tools, Jigs & Accessories

    This section is filled with accessories to help with all aspects of layout, fixing, clamping and measuring for your Shopsmith projects together with essential safety equipment.

  • Speed reducer

    Shopsmith Speed ReducerSlow Your Mark V To 100 RPM For Drilling, Sanding or Turning... With Shopsmith's Amazing Speed Reducer

  • Speed Increaser

    Speed Increaser

  • Upgrades

    A listing of all the upgrades available for your Mark V to make it even more productive.

  • Latest Shopsmith ideas

    Here we have a showing of the latest ideas from Shopsmith to enhance your passion for woodworking

  • Tenon Master

    Cut Perfect Tenons Every Time with the Tenon Master Jig Shopsmith Tenon Master Jig for Perfect TenonsThe Shopsmith Tenon Master Jig was designed with a wide, flat face that holds workpieces exactly perpendicular to your Mark 7 or Mark V worktable top. Although it is used primarily with the table saw for creating tenons on the ends of boards, it is equally useful for holding and guiding workpieces through all types of operations on other tools as well. For example, it can also be used to support and guide workpieces on your Shopsmith Belt Sander or Bandsaw.Made of heavy, cast aluminum, it offers a large, comfortable knob for optimum control... and a built-in miter bar that fits your Shopsmith Mark 7 or Mark V worktable, Belt Sander and Bandsaw.A toggle clamp is included to help you grip the workpiece, as is an arced wooden trunnion that you can use to provide back-up support when working with stock that has angled ends... for example, when cutting spline grooves for the mating faces of miters, such as those on picture frames and similar projects.This is a very versatile accessory with numerous work-saving and precision-enhancing applications.Includes: • Tenon Master Jig, • Wooden Angle Trunion • Adjustable, Quick-Release Toggle Clamp • Instructions and • Plans for a Table Saw Panel-Raising Fixture

  • Incra Products

    When accuracy counts, INCRA rules. Incra Products make a range of items which are modified to use with your Shopsmith. After inventing and refining his first two products, Chris Taylor founded the company in January 1987 and immediately introduced the Incra Positioning Jig and the INCRA Gauge. Before he started inventing woodworking tools full-time, Chris was an electrical engineer and serious woodworker. INCRA has been a great help to many woodworkers with continuous creative innovation since 1986. INCRA is the brand name legally registered as a trademark by Taylor Design Group, Inc.

  • Discontinued Products

    I am listing here items which are no longer in manufacture by Shopsmith. Some of the items will have spares available for some time to come but not all.

  • Demonstration Items

    This is a list of NEW items which are currently used for demonstration and as such will be sold at a discount when the time comes.

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