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Shopsmith 20" Scroll Saw

555715 Shopsmith 20" Scroll Saw

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   Shopsmith 20" Scroll Saw

Feature-For-Feature, It's a Hands-Down Winner!


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Shopsmith 20" Scroll Saw  

   Shopsmith 20" Scroll Saw - Feature-For-Feature, It's a Hands-Down Winner!  

Packed With Work-Saving, Results-Enhancing Features and Capabilities      Packed With Work-Saving, Results-Enhancing Features and Capabilities     

    The Shopsmith Scroll Saw is one of the safest and easiest-to-use of all stationary power tools -- and that's what makes it your best choice for introducing adults and children alike to “The Joys of Woodworking.”  

It's delicate enough to saw thin veneers or inlays, intricate fretwork or mother-of-pearl -- yet powerful enough to slice through brass, bone, plastics and hard or soft woods up to a full 2" thick with ease and safety.   

    Its special blade blocks hold all 5" plain end fretsaw     or jigsaw blades from 1/4" wide down to super-fine blades for making extremely intricate cuts. And, where old style jigsaws only powered their blades on the down stroke (making smooth cuts in thick wood almost impossible), Scroll saws power their blades on both the down (cutting) and up (return) stroke.  

    This constant tension action delivers far more positive control over the cut and helps prevent premature blade breakage. And, with a little practice, your cuts will be so smooth you won't have to do any sanding at all!  

    What You'll Do With Your New Shopsmith Scroll Saw  

        Make Crafts For Family, Friends & To Sell For a Profit    

        Safely Teach Youngsters About Woodworking   

        Enjoy Some       Fun Time    With a Great American Pastime    

     Perform Tasks That Are Difficult For Other Saws...  

      Carefully Engineered To Save Your Time and Out-Perform Cheapie Scroll Saws !    

  • ...make intricate, internal piercing cuts in veneer-thin to 2" thick wood, plus - metals, bone, plastics, rubber and other materials    
  • ...create small, hand-cut-looking dovetails, corner-lap, mortise-and-tenon and similar joints    
  • ...cut out super-small projects or components that are either too small or  too dangerous to handle on other sawing machinery    
  • ...cope the inside corners of “off-angle” moldings that may otherwise be  difficult to fit properly     
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Marquetry Basics     Compound Cuts     Scroll Saw Ornaments         

      Packed With Work-Saving Features & Capabilities    

Full 20" Of Throat Depth Helps You Tackle Large Projects With Ease             

        Full 20" Of Throat Depth Helps You Tackle Large Projects With Ease      

Huge 16" x 23-1/2" Work Table Supports Your Largest Projects           

Parallel arm action...      Its blade moves forward on the down stroke and back on the upstroke to clear sawdust and help you achieve perfect 90° turns and corners every time. (NOTE: Upper Arm is totally enclosed for maximum safety)      

Infinitely variable speed range... select from 700 RPM (280 strokes-per-minute) to 2800 RPM (1200 strokes-per-minute) with a Mark V --- or --- 450 RPM (180 S.P.M.) to 2800 RPM (1200 S.P.M.) with a PowerPro-equipped Mark 7.  No other scroll saw offers this infinitely variable speed capability !     

Huge 16" x 23-1/2" worktable...  provides more than enough support and throat depth (a full 20") for your largest projects. Tilts to 45° in both directions on a direct-reading quadrant... then locks solidly with a quick twist of a single knob.     

Fast, 30-second, tool-less blade attachment... A quick quarter-turn of the blade-locking thumb nuts is all it takes!  No tools or time-consuming fumbling required !     

Dual blade tensioning controls... give you a rear, flip-up Lever for instant primary tensioning... up-front release for rapid tensioning when removing and re-inserting blades through workpiece cut-outs during internal piercing cuts.     

Clear, see-through upper guard... lets light in, then flips up and out of the way for quick, tool-free blade changes.     

Hold-down with dust blower... provides vertical blade guarding plus a single knob height adjustment and a built-in blower to keep your cutting line free of sawdust and debris at all times.     

Heavy, zinc-alloy table & base... dampen vibrations for super-smooth running.     


Arm StyleParallel Action
Throat Depth20"
Table Size16" x 23-1/2"
Table Tilt45° Left/Right
Max Depth of Cut2" (wood)
Stroke Length7/8"
Strokes Per Minute280-1200 Mark V 180-1200 Mark 7
Blade Type5" Plain End
Drive TypeMark V or Mark 7
Motor TypeMark V or Mark 7 Headstock
Switch TypeMark V or Mark 7 Headstock
Weight62 pounds