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Shopsmith Power Pro Distributer Headstock Upgrade

556189 Shopsmith Power Pro Distributer Headstock Upgrade

2023 batch READY NOW

LAST FEW OF THESE AVAILABLE before I switch to GEN 2 units ONLY


Keep your old headstock as backup

This item uses a reconditioned headstock OUTER CASE with a Service Centre installed Power Pro upgrade


Delivery is from UK STOCK and is shipped directly to you.

You are welcome to pre-book collection via email if you wish 

The Most Exciting Shopsmith Upgrade Since the Introduction of the Mark V in 1953!

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Pack content

1 x Permaplug heavy duty rubber extention Plug 13a

Permaplug heavy duty 13 amp rubber plug

My recommended plug for your Shopsmith Mark V or 7

This product is a perfect match to fit the heavy duty cable on your Shopsmith

Positive grip sides, thick insulation and robust anti strain connection for the cable

Meets all Health & Safety standards

1 x Surge Protection 13a 3 way switched socket-Plug

My recommended plug for your Shopsmith Power Pro and Mark 7

This product is designed to protect your investment from electrical surges and spikes including lightning strikes.

Plug into your wall outlet socket and plug your Mark 7 Power Pro into it for peace of mind.

Actual style may vary

Meets all Health & Safety standards


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Exciting Shopsmith Upgrade Since the Introduction of the Mark V in 1953!

The Ultimate Upgrade Shopsmith Mark V Owners Have Wanted !


Keep your old headstock as backup

This item uses a reconditioned headstock OUTER CASE with a Service Centre installed Power Pro upgrade


Delivery is from UK STOCK and is shipped directly to you.

You are welcome to pre-book collection via email if you wish 


Power Pro headstock

You asked for it... With few exceptions, Shopsmith MARK V owners are some of the most satisfied power tool owners inAmerica... and have remained so for over 57 years. They've enjoyed how this remarkable machine has packed the capabilities of the five most important stationary power tools into a compact twelve square feet of space in an unused corner of their garages or basements.


They love how this Complete Woodworking System is supported by over 400 hard-working optional accessories that have helped them perform practically any imaginable woodworking operation... and do it with very little in the way of compromise. And finally, they're amazed by how even 50-year-old MARK Vs continue to deliver all this over and over and over again... year in and year out... without failure or as much as a whimper.

Now you can upgrade your Mark V to the next level... and get even more performance than you've enjoyed thus far!

  • More Power - 1-3/4HP at 120V, 2HP at 240V, Twice the torque at every speed.
  • BroaderSpeed Range- 250 rpm to 10,000 rpm
  • Forward and Reverse Operation
  • Easy to Use Digital Control Panel
  • Fool-Proof Controls
  • Smoother, Quieter Operation
  • Lowered Electrical Power Requirements


PowerPro Introduction Video



See more details below on this Ultimate Upgrade to your Mark V and What a Shopsmith PowerPro will bring to your workshop



More Power - Wider Speed Range - Dual Direction

Digital Controls - Low Maintenance

 Popwer Pro close up


Here's what this revolutionary Upgrade will bring to your workshop


More Horsepower and Torque - You'll have 1-3/4 HP at your command if you're using a 120 Volt circuit and a full 2 HP if you're using a 240 Volt circuit. PLUS - you'll enjoy at least TWICE the torque of your current Mark V throughout the full speed range.

As a result, you'll be able to increase your depths-of-cut and feed rates to achieve the kinds of operating efficiencies with your Mark V and Shopsmith Special Purpose Tools that were once reserved for high-powered commercial machinery.

BroaderSpeedRange- From 250 to 10,000 RPM. On the slow end, you can bore huge holes for clocks or similar projects without burning your bits. PLUS, drill metals - turn large diameter spindles or bowls - resaw thick stock - and lots more. On the fast end, you'll rout or shape without feathering, chattering or splintering - and joint or plane smooth edges or surfaces at lightning speeds.

Dual Direction Operation - You'll enjoy electronically controlled forward or reverse operation for performing bi-directional sanding, with-the-grain cuts and safe, under-the-workpiece shaping operations. You can even back a bit out of a deep hole or cut to clear chips or shavings, if necessary.

Digital Controls - Its intuitive design offers membrane-style push-pads for controlling motor speeds, direction and more. Use the five presets to select an approximate speed, then move "UP" or "DOWN" from there in as little as 1 RPM increments. It also includes a built-in Speed Chart that will select the ideal speed FOR you, based on the bit or blade you're using, the operation you're performing and the material you're working with.Power Pro speed range

There's even a lock-out function to prevent children or other unauthorized users from operating your machine.

Saves Energy - Since the PowerPro uses Intelligent Adaptive Power Delivery to draw only the power it needs to maintain its selected speed under load, it has been proven to save up to 80% of the energy and emissions over conventional motors.

As a result, you'll get more than enough additional usable power from a standard 15-20 AMP home circuit to operate multiple power tools (i.e. Mark V and Dust Collector) simultaneously without blowing a fuse.

Operates Smoothly & Quietly - The unique compensating technology of the DVR motor ensures operational and speed-changing smoothness. And, when you couple this with the heavier motor with HUGE bearings on BOTH ends of the shaft and precision CNC-machined, wobble-free pulleys, you'll discover that the PowerPro is extremely quiet at idle and all speeds.

Low Maintenance - Since the PowerPro uses electronic speed control, there are no mechanical speed-changing components to adjust, repair or replace. PLUS - every component operates with sealed bearings that require zero lubrication.

The totally enclosed fan-cooled Motor virtually eliminates dust problems and the rugged Poly-V Belts last almost indefinitely. If something goes wrong, the Control Panel describes the problem and you can easily unplug, remove and return any component to the factory inexpensively for repair.


5 Keys To PowerPro Safety


  • Machine default setting is 500 RPM when first powered-up with main MARK V switch
  • Lower speed possibilities (to 250 RPM) mean added safety for some operations, while higher speeds (to 10,000 RPM) mean less chatter and vibration for others
  • Internal speed chart provides ideal speed for operations upon request
  • Confirmations are required for Speeds over 1,500 RPM and Reverse operations
  • Lets you establish passwords for lock-out


Your Complete Satisfaction Is Assured


Your PowerPro Upgrade is protected by the following Parts & Labour Warranties:

Motor - 3 Years

Belts, Bearings  - 2 Years

Electronics- 1 year

Materials & Workmanship Defects - Lifetime


Great features make your work easier and help you achieve better results


A quick look at its digital control panel will tell you that the PowerPro is NOT your typical power tool ! Power Pro close up

Start-up - The first time you start it each day, flipping the MARK V's Main switch to ON then depressing the Control Panel ON pad will bring your machine to life at a safe 500 RPM... and the display will confirm this setting. Or, if you prefer, you can select one of the five preset speeds at start-up. If your speed of choice exceeds 1500 RPMs, you will always be asked to CONFIRM your speed selection before the machine will start running.

Speed Adjustments - From this point, you will always be able to adjust your speed up or down in as little as 1 RPM increments by simply depressing the UP or DOWN keypad arrows. Again, if your selected speed is in excess of 1500 RPMs, you will be asked to CONFIRM your setting before the machine will start to run.Power Pro selecting your operational speed

Don't know the correct speed for an operation? - No problem. Your PowerPro contains an extensive internal, electronic database of ideal speeds for virtually every imaginable operation. Here's how it works.

To determine the ideal speed for your operation, simply depress the CHART keypad on the Control Panel. Doing so will launch a simple 4-step process that will ask you :

  1. The Operation you're planning to perform...
         Sawing, Drilling, Routing, etc.
  2. The type of Bit or Cutter you'll be using...
         Sawblade, Forstner Bit, Router Bit, etc.
  3. The Material you'll be working with...
         Hardwood, Softwood, MDF, etc.
  4. The diameter of the Bit or Cutter you'll be using


Power Pro drilling with a forstner bit  

Given this information, your PowerPro will select the ideal speed for you in a matter of seconds, eliminating any guesswork or problems.

Forward or reverse operation - When you need to perform bi-Directional sanding, under-the-workpiece shaping or with-the-grain cuts of any type, your PowerPro will accommodate you by electronically switching you to Reverse operation, at your command. Just depress FWD/REV keypad on the Control Panel , then CONFIRM to make the switch.

Power Lockout - If you need to prevent the unauthorised use of your PowerPro by children or others, you can establish a multi-key security code that must be entered before your machine can be powered-up.


Tackles Your Most Difficult Operations

The Shopsmith PowerPro lets you tackle operations that are difficult with your Mark V


Bore large diameter holes without burning - Enjoy speeds as slow as 250 RPM for large diameter multispurs, forstners, adjustable augers and hole saws without burning your workpiece or destroying the temper of your bits.

Drill ferrous or non-ferrous metals - The low speeds provided by your PowerPro will also allow you to drill ferrous or non-ferrous metals safely without ruining the temper of your twist bits.

Rout, shape and joint faster... with smoother results - The PowerPro's higher speeds (up to 10,000 RPM) will help you achieve the super-smooth cuts that you would expect from a commercial shaper, jointer or hand-held router... and do so more quickly.

Perform safer under-workpiece shaping - The reversing function of your new PowerPro will allow you to install your Shaper cutters upside-down on their arbors... select reverse rotation on your Control Panel... and make your Shaping cuts on the underside of your stock, keeping your hands out of harm's way.

Specialised reverse sanding - Other reversing functions include: • The removal of feathering on lathe turnings or the inside or outside edges of drum-sanded projects • Disc sand difficult-to-reach inside or outside project corners at the REAR of the Mark V worktable without flipping the workpiece.

State-of-the-art motor technology helps your PowerPro work harder for you

 Power Pro Cutaway view    

The PowerPro Headstock features a DVR (Digital Variable Reluctance) Motor that is really quite amazing. Unlike dumb AC or DC motors, DVR motors are controlled by a computer that analyses the spindle position and power needed to maintain a given speed at up to 400 times per second.

Then it uses Power Factor Correction technology to adjust the power delivery... eliminating slow-downs, over-revving and losses of power that can negatively affect your project results.

In addition, DVR Motors save energy and emissions over conventional motors and are even smart enough to know whether you're plugging them into a 120 Volt or 240 Volt outlet without any adjustments beyond switching the plugs on their power cords.

The PowerPro Motor is a totally enclosed, fan cooled, 35-pound bruiser that's been scientifically engineered to stand up to all the punishment you can dish out without complaint. It's encircled by heat dissipating fins and fanned by oversized vanes that keep it cool under even the most taxing conditions.

The latest 2022 version now features the speed control optics internally, new design fixing mounts and has a larger external fan. The latest 2022 version now features the speed control optics internally, new design fixing mounts and has a larger external fan.

Power Pro motor

Working in concert with the Computerised Motor Controller, it will give you 1-3/4 HP when operating at 120 Volts... and a full 2HP when operating at 240 Volts and at least TWICE the torque of your current MARK V motor throughout its full speed range.

Computerised Motor Controller makes it all possible The PowerPro Motor Controller maintains a constant watch over every operation. The 6" x 6-1/2" covered Controller fits snugly above the Motor and is, in effect, a highly sophisticated Computer that constantly monitors the performance of your PowerPro to maintain the selected speed regardless of the load, while optimising the Motor's power consumption.Power Pro controller

Countless hours of in-shop testing and re-testing ensured proven performance During the developmental stages, every operational aspect of the PowerPro was tested and re-tested to be certain that it would perform to our highest expectations - and yours, of course!



The most notable of these tests involved a punishing trial of the machine's ability to keep performing during a gruelling thickness planing study. We started with a sizable stack of 8-foot long by 2" thick by 6" to 8" wide white oak boards.

Mile of White oak

We set our MARK V-powered Shopsmith Thickness planer for the fastest feed rate and a 3/64" depth-of-cut... then started feeding our boards through the planer. We continued this process over several weeks in one-hour increments without stopping until we had fed a mile of white oak through our planer... with no bogging, no complaining and no overheating !

Now you just need to Upgrade To the Shopsmith PowerPro!!

Watch the Video again for the Explanation of the Four PowerPro Upgrade Options

The all-new Shopsmith PowerPro Headstock is clearly the most exciting and dynamic MARK V Upgrade to come along in the 50+ year history of Shopsmith's existence... and that's why it's important to us that your upgrade process be as easy for you as you'd like for it to be.

 Your UK made headstock is fitted with a UK plug and Surge protection socket.

A user manual with instructions and parts list will be included.


 The FREE return of your old headstock is made using the same shipping box your new unit arrives in.


 I will arrange all the return costs and post courier lable instructions at no charge to you.